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If There Is Water… We Will Find It!

Greene Brothers Well & Pump Inc. will get the job done with attention to detail. In addition to our drilling service, we will help you plan and implement your complete water system by drilling the water well, installing pumps, trenching for water lines and installing storage tanks if necessary and pressure tanks. The job is done when you have quality water on demand.

Quality Material

At Greene Brothers Well & Pump Inc. our water wells are constructed using quality casing and drive shoe materials to help in providing a good seal into the bedrock. Once the casing is set and grouted into place, a 6″ hole is drilled using a down-the-hole hammer percussion button bit in search of water-bearing fractures beneath. When enough water is found to be adequate for the household demands, the drilling stops and tools are pulled out and the well is capped. At that time a suitable pump system can be selected.

The Well Drilling Process

Now that you have the property of your dreams, what do you do? You want to build the dream house, but you need water in order to get your building permit. Where do you start?

Step 1

The counties in Western North Carolina require county site approval before the well is drilled. For a fee the county will inspect the site and give their approval of the location of the well.

Step 2

The second major issue is finding a knowledgeable and competent well driller. Make sure that the well driller has a contractor’s registration number and has a well driller’s license. This assures you that he is up-to-date on all of the state and county regulations. Meet with the well driller and go over the property. He will advise you the best location of the well.

Step 3

After the location is chosen, the drill rig will move onto the site. The site must be somewhat level and clear. The driller will drill an oversized hole to a minimum of 20 feet. The grout or surface seal will be placed in this over sized hole as required by state law. The purpose of the surface seal is to keep surface water from following the casing down to the aquifers below.

Step 4

After the surface seal hole is drilled, the driller will make the hole though the overburden and 5 feet into bed rock. At that point the bit will be removed and the hole is ready for casing. On the end of that casing will be a drive shoe. The drive shoe protects the casing from damage due to rocks and boulders.

Step 5

After the casing is set the 6” bit is placed inside the casing. Once at the end of the casing we begin drilling through solid granite rock. This is where quality water is located. As we encounter cracks and crevices in the granite some of them will be water bearing. Once a vein of water is hit we will perform the air test to determine the gallons per minute of the well.


Communication is most important to us at Greene Brothers considering every well and its application is unique. The most helpful information you can gather as a property owner planning to drill a well is neighboring well information. The depth and production of the wells closest to your property will give you an idea of what to expect when drilling on your property.

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