At Greene Brothers Well & Pump Inc. our water wells are constructed using quality casing and drive shoe materials to help in providing a good seal into the bedrock.

Although quite durable and long lasting there are a large variety of issues ,big and small, that can arise while utilizing a water well pump system to supply water. We do everything in our power while installing new pump systems...

Solar-powered groundwater pumping systems are often considered for use in livestock and other remote watering applications instead of other forms of alternative energy because they are...

A water system can be selected once the well's yield and depth are known. The two main components of the water system are a submersible pump and motor down the well and a water pressure...

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Greene Brothers Well Drilling

Greene Brothers Well & Pump Inc. has proudly served the well and pump needs of Western North Carolina since 1945. The company has remained in the Greene family for three generations. Greene Brothers offers a variety of services including: Water Well Drilling, HVAC Geothermal Drilling, Pump System installation and repair. Hand pump & Solar-powered Pump System installation. Greene Brothers also provides on-call service on weekends.

We offer free on site estimates

On new wells or new pump systems of all kinds. Unfortunately the depth of a new well is difficult to predict. The most valuable information you could gather would be the depths and gpm of neighboring wells to give you an estimated depth. The cost of a well and the pump system will change depending on the depth and gpm of the well. Geothermal drilling is straight forward. The HVAC contractor will determine the depth and number of bore holes necessary so that the price can be determined.

Our certified technicians install

New pump systems (including manual and solar systems) as well as performing service and repairs to existing systems. We are always happy to help our “Do it yourself” customers over the phone. It’s not easy to go without water so we do everything in our power to arrive for a repair the same day and stay late if necessary to get the well operating.