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Solar-powered and Hand-powered Groundwater Pumping Systems

Solar-powered groundwater pumping systems are often considered for use in livestock and other remote watering applications instead of other forms of alternative energy because they are durable, can be mobile, and exhibit long-term economic benefits. Generally, alternative power is considered most feasible when the cost of tapping into the closest public power grid far outweighs the costs of using alternative power.

There are several technology alternatives for supplying power, or lift, to groundwater systems including: wind turbines, windmills, generators, and solar arrays. The driving factors for selecting the appropriate technology are regional feasibility, water demand, system efficiencies, and initial and long-term costs. Other factors often include the need for power and water reserves in the form of batteries and livestock tanks.

Solar with the Hand Pump

If you have an existing hand pump some can be outfitted with an electric motor that easily takes the place of the pumping handle. This electric motor can be powered by solar only, solar with a battery backup, or your car battery. In ten minutes the electric motor can be removed and the pumping handle put back into place. This is a nice option for the hand pump when being used on a regular basis.

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