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Water Pump Sales & Installation | Asheville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, and Sylva NC Water Pump Sales & Installation service4 Greene Brothers Well Drilling

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A water system can be selected once the well’s yield and depth are known. The two main components of the water system are a submersible pump and motor down the well and a water pressure tank in the house. A series of piping and wiring and various fittings connect the system together.

Your pump and motor supply water vertically up the well through the well seal. From here the water direction is changed from vertical to horizontal following the line from the well to the house. Once in the house, the water flows into a pressure tank where it is pressurized and stored to supply steady pressure to all the taps in the house.

Greene Brothers Well & Pump Inc. offers a wide variety of pumps to choose from. The majority of pumps that are installed in wells today are submersible pumps. We service submersible, hand pumps, solar pumps, shallow well and deep well jet pumps, in-line turbine pumps, and centrifugal pumps.

Submersible Pumps

The submersible pump is one of the most effective ways to deliver water from a well. The advantages of a submersible pump in a drilled well over any other type of pump are:

  • No pumphouse
  • No suction problems
  • Takes less horsepower to deliver more water
  • Less maintenance
  • Cheaper to install
  • No problems with freezing of pump

The average lifetime of a submersible pump is twelve years. After the well is drilled, we will install the correctly sized pump and pressure tank to meet your family’s needs. With over fifty pumps in stock, you have a wide selection to choose from.

Brand names include:

Hand Pumps

The hand pump precedes all other pumps for drilled wells. A hand pump can be installed along side your existing submersible pump. When the power is off or if any other problem arises causing your submersible not to operate water will be available from the hand pump. More importantly the hand pump can be used to pump water into your pressure tank and the plumbing in your home. Some hand pumps can be outfitted with a DC electric motor. This motor can powered a number of ways including solar.

Jet Pumps

A jet pump is another type of pump that can be used on a water system. Jet pumps are used for both shallow and deep well installations. A shallow well jet pump is used when the well is 25 feet deep or less. Over 25 feet is considered a deep well and requires a deep well jet pump.

Inside a jet pump water is pumped through a venturi or jet. As water passes through the jet, the velocity of the water increases creating a vacuum which pulls the water from the well.

The disadvantages are:

  • Heated pumphouses
  • Very susceptible to suction leaks
  • Greater chance of freezing

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